2-Station Restroom Trailer

​As guests enter this 10', 2-Station restroom trailer they are struck by the warm, comfortable surroundings. The soft music and clean, well-lit interior provide a pleasant atmosphere where they can escape from the crowd and enjoy a few moments alone.

We have two luxurious restrooms trailers. One trailer is a 2-station restroom trailer, while the other is an 8-station restroom trailer. Both of our restroom trailers offer a relaxing household setting no matter where your event might be. Trailers are equipped with AC/Heat, Bright LED Lighting, relaxing earth tone colors, and an AM/FM Bluetooth. The entertainment package allows the event planner, bride, or guest of honor to play their choice of music wirelessly from their mobile device into the trailer. Ceiling mounted speakers are out of sight and provide full, rich sound. Trailers are self-sufficient for short-term events in remote locations. For a larger all-day event, the trailers can be hooked up to a standard garden hose for water supply. Our restroom trailers also come with electrical cords that plug into a standard electrical outlet.  

Special Event Restroom Trailers

8-Station Restroom Trailer

Lightweight, spacious and beautiful describes this 20’, 8-Station portable restroom trailer. Inside this luxurious satellite suite, the ladies area has four spacious stalls and a twin-basin vanity. For the men, there are two private stalls, two urinals, and a twin-basin vanity. The climate in each area can be controlled by individual air conditioning units to ensure total comfort.

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